FBC Men’s Small Groups

Connecting men relationally to grow in Christlikeness

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” 

Proverbs 27:17

             To reach our full potential, men need other men they can be honest with.  Men’s small groups meet at least monthly to study topics of mutual interest, share together, and deepen our relationships.  The groups vary in their topics of study and sharing based on the interests of the members.  The elements all groups have in common are:

 -  Groups consist of 4-8 men who covenant to meet together at least once a month for a year.

-  Each member commits to engage in “generous listening” which respects other members for who they are and provides a safe space for sharing.

-  Members commit to making small group meetings a priority and to pray for one another.

            New groups begin each January. For more information contact Phil Potratz at or 615-893-2514.


FBC Women’s Bonfire Groups

If you’ve been feeling like your faith has lost its fire, joining a Bonfire group might just be the spark you’re looking for!

These women’s small groups meet monthly for one year to
study scripture, pray together, hold one another accountable and build deeper relationships with one another. Many groups choose to continue their fellowship beyond the first year. While
every group has general guidelines, each takes on its own unique personality. After getting to know one another, groups set their specific focus on the aspects of discipleship that most reflect the needs and spiritual desires of the collective group.

Designed for women ages 18 and up, these intergenerational groups are intended to provide new relationships beyond those you may have in your weekly Sunday morning bible study or Wednesday night fellowship. They are also intended to provide safe spaces to go deep with your questions, challenges, joys, and relationships—with others and with Christ.

The time commitment is minimal, but those who sign up to participate are asked to prioritize the monthly meetings on their calendars.

New groups begin each January. For more information, contact Phil Potratz at or 615-893-2514.