The following recommendation was approved by a 92% majority on Sunday, July 15,  2018:
The committee recommends that 50% of the funds raised in the coming capital campaign go to debt retirement and 50% go to renovations after the cost of the campaign has been deducted from the total amount raised. The amount raised in the capital campaign will determine which renovation projects can actually be accomplished. The following items are some of the priorities:  replace the CrossMain HVAC system, renovate 8 restrooms in the 2 story and 3 story education buildings, upgrade kitchen equipment, expand classroom space in the children’s gathering area and on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the 3 story building, renovate CrossMain restrooms, renovate Fellowship Hall flooring and other items as funding and current priorities may dictate.

Below is the Renovations Committee PowerPoint presentation from July 8, 2018.

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Renovations Committee - Click HERE to learn about the work of the Renovations Committee.

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On November 5 the following motion was approved by an 87% majority: "The Facilities Planning Committee recommends that the church move forward in starting a capital campaign in order to begin facility renovation, maintenance, and debt retirement (20% minimum of capital campaign contributions) for our church campus. Renovations will be limited to 80% of contributions given so that no new debt will be incurred and our current debt will be reduced."