Perry County Mission Trip 2017

Personal Reading for April 23

What is the most exciting day of the week for you? Mondays? Probably not. Maybe for you, it’s Fridays? After all, it’s the last day of the school week, you probably get some time to relax Friday night, and at the very least, you don’t have school the next day. There is definitely a difference between a Monday morning and a Friday morning for teens teens with the daily grind of school and adults with the grind of work.  

In the same way that there is a difference between a Monday and a Friday, we want to start thinking about the difference between a mission trip and a vacation. We all need times to rest and relax, and vacations can provide that time. Some people like to equate vacations with the idea of “Sabbath” rest in the Bible. Perhaps your family is used to taking vacations yearly or going on other trips to relax.  

Going on a short-term mission is a trip, yes. But it’s a very different type of trip. Sure, it can be fun, and mission trips should involve great elements of joy and fellowship. But it also involves so many other things.  

My thoughts, feelings, fears, and joys right now…   (write these down and bring with you Sunday)