Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How can I become a member of First Baptist Church?

A. First Baptist Church will accept you as a member one of three ways: indicate that you wish to make a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and be baptized; indicate that you are a member of another Baptist Church and ask us to write that church to request a transfer of your membership; or share with us that you come from another Christian tradition, know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, and wish now to join us in serving Christ.

Q. How do I request membership?

A. At the conclusion of any Sunday worship service, leave your seat and come to where the pastor is standing during the indicated time of response. He will introduce you to the church at that time. If you prefer, you may contact the pastor or any staff minister for a private conversation. Following that conversation, the pastor will present you to the congregation for membership.

Q. What if I want to take part in church life but not join?

A. Most activities and ministries of the church are open to you. If you want to sing in a choir, go on a mission trip, do hands-on ministry in Murfreesboro, participate in one of our focused studies, or help in some other way, you are most welcome. If you wish to formalize this relationship, you may request that you be placed under the church's "Watch Care." If you have questions, the pastor or a staff minister will be glad to talk with you.