Sunday Morning Bible Study

Come dive into God's word with us at 9:15 on Sunday mornings. We offer numerous classes to suit people of various ages and backgrounds. Feel free to visit different classes. We hope you find one that feels like home. For assistance in finding a class, visit our greeters at the desk in the Welcome Center.

Scroll below for a list of Bible study classes available.

Opportunities for Children


Infants: Preschool Suite

One Year Olds: Room 106

Two & Three Year Olds: Room 105

Pre-K (ages 4 & 5): Room 103

Once a child is promoted into the one year old room, they are promoted once a year on the basis of their birth date. We follow the Rutherford County School system in setting August 15 as the cut-off date for promotion. A child that is born prior to August 15 will promote up to the next class.


Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Room 206

2nd & 3rd Grade: Room 203

4th & 5th Grade: Room 202

Large Group: Room 200A

Our children are currently using the Bible study curriculum, Deep Blue. Our K-5th graders enjoy both small and large group study opportunities that include a variety of learning experiences during our time together on Sunday mornings.

The SONShine Room

The SONshine room offers support services for children who have additional needs that may be difficult to meet in the regular Bible Study room.  Sensory activities are provided based on the child's needs (tactile, auditory, visual, etc).  If you feel that your child may benefit from services through this program, please contact your child's Bible Study teacher. Room 205

Opportunities for Young People

6th - 12th Grade: CrossMain
Youth gather for large group Bible Study focusing on relevant topics for teens. Breakout groups are utilized to foster conversation and community. 

CrossMain is an FBC annex building located at the corner of Main and Spring Streets

Middle School — Grades 6 - 8

Teachers: Kelly and Brad Newberry

High School — Grades 9 - 12

Director: David Cates, Minister to Students 

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Young Adult Bible Study — CrossMain, Second Floor
Primarily for college-age individuals, this discussion-based class has rotating studies covering books of the Bible, topical lessons, and more. Leader: Dennis Waymire

CrossMain is an FBC annex building located at the corner of Main and Spring Streets.

Opportunities for Adults

Co-Ed Classes

Seekers Class

The Table — 2nd Floor CrossMain
A place of gathering, sharing, nourishment and growth as twenty-somethings seek to emulate the life of Christ. Teacher: Cindy Sullivan

Seekers — Room 303
Young adults (single/married, 20's/30's) seeking answers to tough questions from Genesis to modern day miracles. Discussion based.  Teachers: Rotating

Journey — Room 301
Parents of young children gather to study the Bible, pray together, serve others and develop friendships.  Teacher:  Pete Adams

The Exegetes — Room 201
Co-ed class primarily in 30's & 40's who enjoy digging deep into scripture.  Teacher: Rotating

Trinity — Room 302
Parents of elementary and middle school students gather to discuss the Bible as it pertains to everyday life.  Teacher: Ircel Harrison

Exegetes Class

Cornerstone — Room 210
Married couples with older students meet to focus on biblical study and life applications. Teacher: Jeff Fryer

Bridge Builders — Room 107
Individuals of various ages discuss current topics and events in light of the Bible.  Teacher: Joe Reed & Sarah Martin

Hands In Service — Arts & Crafts Room
Hands in service is an inter-generational Bible study class that seeks to be the hands of Christ by doing monthly mission projects.  Teachers: Rotating

Circle of Friends — Room 207
A co-ed class ages 40 and up seeking to explore and apply biblical truth through lively discussion. Teacher: Mike Green

Otts — Room 207
A co-ed class focused on analyzing biblical teachings in a friendly discussion-based environment. Teacher:  David Otts

Discovery — Room 211
An intergenerational class composed of seeking men and women on their Christian journey to know more about God's will in their lives.  Taught in a facilitator/discussion format.  Studies change on a regular basis and enrollment is fluid.  Teacher: Rotating

Pathfinders — Room 208-209
A lecture/discussion-led couples class focused on biblical study, spiritual growth and involvement in missions projects.  Teacher: David Peterson

Men's Classes

Disciples — Room 207
A men's class focused on biblical study, relevant life application, and interpersonal relationships. Teacher:  Andy Womack

King's Men — Room 208
A primarily senior men's class focused on biblical studies in a facilitator/discussion format. Teacher: Dale Nisson

Zaccheaus — Fellowship Hall
A senior men's class with a focus on biblical study in a primarily lecture-based format.  Teacher: Ronald Barrett

Ladies Classes

REAL — Room 200B
”Redeemed, Encouraged, Assured, and Loved” women studying together in Christian community.  Facilitator: Shannon Call

The Girlfriend's Guide — Room 207
Women of various life stages engage in biblical study and mutual encouragement.  Teachers: Sheryl Chesnutt and Ann Nored

Joy — Room 207
A ladies class dedicated to Bible study, service in church programs, and Christian fellowship in a primarily lecture-based format.  Teacher: Judy Myatt

Outreach — Room 208
A mission-centered class focused on community outreach and engaging the Bible in a primarily lecture-based format.  Teacher:  Dottie Caldwell

Grace — Room 208
A warm, welcoming ladies' class for those who enjoy Bible study in an open, relaxed atmosphere. Teacher:  Sue Dewees

Ida Read — Fellowship Hall
A senior ladies’ class focused on biblical studies and missions in a primarily lecture-based format.  Teacher:  Elberta Dyer

Hope — Fellowship Hall
A loving, caring senior ladies' class growing in biblical knowledge and spirituality.  Teacher: Barbara Corry