Our Values

We affirm Biblical authority.

We believe the Bible is the record of God's self-revelation to humanity. To the best of our abilities, we seek out and use study materials and books and other resources that help us better understand a biblical passage's context, intent, and possible applications to today's world. We recognize that good people may sometimes reach different conclusions.

We are intergenerational.

We work hard to make all age groups feel at home here. Throughout the year, we come together for fellowship and worship events and hands-on ministry events. We think it vital that God's people find ways to build friendships and partnerships that transcend the question of age.

We invest ourselves in hands-on ministry.

Our church members work with Habitat for Humanity, Read to Succeed, The Journey Home, Greenhouse Ministries, and a host of other non-profits. Our youth, college students, and adults participate in mission trips to other parts of the United States and internationally. We believe Christ has called us to do good deeds in His name, and invite you to join with us.

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We love worship.

We gather for a vibrant, multi-faceted worship service on Sunday mornings. Other opportunities are provided throughout the week. You may hear a hymn or a praise song, an organ or a guitar, a spontaneous prayer or a prayer from The Book of Common Prayer on any given Sunday. Our goal is to offer authentic worship to God, and we draw upon a wide range of resources available in the broad Christian tradition.

We respect other Christian traditions and have many ministry partners.

We are ecumenical Baptists. Because this is so, we partner with sister churches in our city to provide needed ministries. Some of our current ministry partners include the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Baptist World Alliance, the Tennessee Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.

We practice the priesthood of the believer.

We believe all persons are free and responsible before God. We seek to help believers gather information, practice prayer, and counsel with one another so that each may make the best decisions possible about all matters of faith and practice. We respect one another's decisions.

We take you seriously.

Our commitment is to try to see each person we encounter as a child of God, hence as a brother or sister and someone inherently worthy of respect and love. We try not to pigeonhole anyone. Our goal is to help you discover and use the gifts God has given you.