We conduct mission work in Tennessee, South Dakota, and other locations in the United States. 

We have taken annual mission trips to Sparta, Tennessee to serve the Neverfail Community since 2004.  Our work has involved medical missions, construction/home repair, Vacation Bible Schools for children, community meals, distributing school supplies and clothing, and other projects in partnership with Neverfail Community Church.

We have taken annual summer mission trips to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota since 2010.  Our work has focused on the towns of Manderson and Porcupine and has included Vacation Bible Schools for children, Bible studies for adults, construction and repair of homes and churches, recreational events such as Bingo and Horseshoe tournaments, community meals, outreach to a nursing home and a jail, and financial support of schools and families.  We interact with our friends in South Dakota throughout the year by way of letters, social media, and occasional trips in the fall or spring.    

Our youth group’s annual mission trip is often to a destination in the United States.  For example, our teenagers have ministered in Miami, FL, Arlington, TX, Jacksonville, AL, and Owsley County, KY, among other locations.

Here are the dates for this year’s trips:

Pine Ridge, South Dakota Mission Trip: Friday, June 21 - Sunday, June 30

Youth Mission Trip to Harlingen, Texas: Saturday, June 22 - 29