Sunday Morning Bible Study

At First Baptist, we believe that being involved in Sunday Morning Bible Study is one of the best ways to connect with others, develop friendships, learn about FBC, and experience Bible study on a more personal level.  No one class is right for everyone, so we encourage you to visit a variety of classes to find the right one for you! Sunday School meets from 10:15 - 11:15 AM each Sunday morning. 

Preschool/Children | Youth/College/Career/Singles | Couples Classes | Co-Ed Classes | Men's Classes | Ladies Classes | Special Studies Classes

Preschool/Children Sunday School


Infants: Nursery Suite

Toddlers: Nursery Suite

One Year Olds: Room 106

Two Year Olds: Room 105

Three Year Olds: Room 104

Pre-K (ages 4 & 5): Room 103


Kindergarten: Room 206

1st Grade: Room 204 

2nd & 3rd Grade: Room 203

4th & 5th Grade: Room 202

Large Group: Room 200A

Children learn about The Bible chronologically from Genesis through Revelation using The Gospel Project Curriculum. 

The SONShine Room

The SONshine room offers support services for children who have additional needs that may be difficult to meet in the regular Sunday School room.  Sensory activities are provided based on the child's needs (tactile, auditory, visual, etc).  If you feel that your child may benefit from services through this program, please contact your child's Sunday School teacher.


6th - 12th Grade: Cross Main
Youth gather for large group Bible study focusing on relevant topics for teens, utilizing breakout groups and occasional guest speakers.



Cross Main, Second Floor
A co-ed, discussion oriented class led by Randy and Amelia Bozeman. 

CrossMain is an FBC annex building located at the corner of Main and Spring Streets.  See campus map for exact location.

Couples Classes


Covenant Class — Second floor game room
Young married couples age 20-35 who desire to deepen their spiritual walk through biblical explanation and fellowship with one another. Teacher: Cindy Browning

Journey Class — Room 209
A younger married class focused on studying and praying together, developing friendships and serving others in a facilitator/discussion format.  Teacher:  Bryan Hercules

Regeneration/Foundation Class — Room 301
A facilitator/discussion-led class focused on biblical study and life applications.  Teacher: Rotating

Bridge Builders — Room 302
A facilitator/discussion-led class focused on healthy discussions of current topics and issues with biblical relevancy.  Teacher: Wayne Hatchett

Pathfinders Class — Room 208
A lecture/discussion-led couples class focused on biblical study, spiritual growth and involvement in missions projects.  Teacher: David Peterson

Co-Ed Classes

Young Adults
A post-college single and young married adult class. Lessons are informal and discussion based, led by arotation of teachers.

Circle of Friends Class — Room 207
A co-ed class ages 40 and up, seeking to understand and apply biblical truth through lively discussion and creating a community of faith.  Teacher: Mike Green

The Encouragers Class — Room 207
An eclectic co-ed group who enjoy Sunday morning topical Bible study, fellowship and prayer.  Teacher: Don Nelson

Otts Class — Room 207
A primarily discussion-led, co-ed class focused on biblical study and discussions of its teachings in a friendly environment.  Teacher:  David Otts

Men's Classes

The Renegades — Room 207
A primarily discussion-led men's class focused on biblical study, the lesson's current relevancy, and interpersonal relationships.  Teacher:  Andy Womack

King's Men Class — Room 208
A primarily senior men's class focused on biblical studies in a facilitator/class discussion format.  Teacher: Dale Nisson

Zaccheaus Class — Fellowship Hall
A senior men's class with a focus on biblical study in a lecture/discussion format.  Teacher: Ron Barrett

Grateful Hearts — Fellowship Hall
A senior adult class that is discussion-led.  Teacher: Rudy Fagan & Lester Levi

Ladies Classes

Joy Class — Room 207
A ladies class dedicated to Bible study, service in church programs and Christian fellowship in a lecture/discussion format.  Teacher: Kay Garrison

The Girlfriend's Guide to Sunday School — Room 207
A facilitator/discussion-led class of women in various stages of life engaged in biblical-based study.  Teacher: Patsy Highland

Outreach Class — Room 208
A mission-centered class focused on community outreach while engaging in biblical study in a lecture/discussion format.  Teacher:  Dottie Caldwell

Grace Class — Room 208
A warm, welcoming ladies class who enjoy Bible study in an open, relaxed atmosphere. Teacher:  Jean Cotey

Ida Read Class — Fellowship Hall
A senior ladies class focused on biblical studies and missions in a lecture/discussion format.  Teacher:  Elberta Dyer

Hope Class — Fellowship Hall
A loving, caring senior ladies class growing in spirituality and in biblical knowledge in a lecture/discussion format.  Teacher:  Natalie Chesnutt

Fidelis Class — Fellowship Hall
A senior ladies class focused on biblical studies with a varied teaching style.  Teacher:  Margaret Ann Smith

Special Studies Classes

Discovery Class — Room 210
An intergenerational class composed of seeking men and women on their Christian journey to know more about God's will in their lives.  Taught in a facilitator/discussion format.  Studies change on a regular basis and enrollment is fluid. Teacher:  Martin McCullough

Library Class — Adult Media Library
A Bible study for workers in the church media center. 

Connections Bible Study — Parlor
A Bible study which includes the Connections worship leadership team. Teacher: Jim Whitaker