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First Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, TN

Minister of Music Job Description – July 9, 2013


The Minister of Music is a person called by God to lead people to Jesus Christ and enrich the church’s worship experience through music. This person also provides pastoral care especially for individuals involved in the church’s music ministry.  The Minister of Music is a full time position responsible for the development, promotion, and leadership of the church’s choral and instrumental music ministries including:

1.       A children’s music ministry for pre-school through fifth grade children, including but not limited to age-appropriate choirs.

2.       A youth music ministry for grades 6 through 12, including but not limited to youth choir(s) and ensembles reflective of the range of gifts and skills found among the youth.

3.       The adult choir including the preparation and performance of music for the traditional worship service and special occasions.

4.       The organization and training of special music groups such as ensembles, trios, quartets and choruses.

5.       The formation and leadership of instrumental groups which will include a hand bell choirs and orchestra as participant interest and support permit.  

The Minister of Music will work with the pastor in worship planning and administration of the church’s music ministry and other special occasions such as weddings and funerals. The Minister of Music is responsible for the following:

a.       Serves as the staff liaison to the music committee working to provide a quality music program for the church.

b.      Collaborates with the Connections Worship Leader in support of the contemporary worship service.

c.       In consultation with the music committee prepares and administers the annual music budget.

d.      Works with paid and volunteer musicians in arranging the instrumental music for the traditional worship service and leads the congregational singing.

e.      Responsible for the audio visual equipment necessary to support the church worship services including the audio recording for the church broadcast and the videography of the worship services used in the church’s DVD distribution ministry. Responsible for training and overseeing the Multi Media ministry team.

f.        Responsible to see that all pianos, organs, choir robes, music equipment, music library and other materials including folders are kept in good condition.

g.       Recruits and trains volunteer music leadership as necessary to fully develop the church’s ministry program.

h.      Acts as the ministerial liaison to the Fine Arts Academy.

Qualifications: The Minister of Music having been called into church ministry shall have completed the appropriate university or divinity school degrees in music, music education or church music. In addition to the requisite music training the individual must have a demonstrated ability to lead choral and instrumental groups and administer the church’s music program.

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