Neverfail Community Mission Trip

Saturday, July 25
The Neverfail Community Mission Trip is a one day trip to Neverfail Community Church near Sparta, Tennessee. The trip will involve a VBS for children, a community meal, clean-up around the grounds of Neverfail Community Church and the distribution of school supplies.New or lightly worn shoes for school age children ages 5 - 12 (boys and girls) will also be needed.

Below is a list of school supplies needed for our church's mission action project for July:
Spiral Notebooks
Notebook Paper
Colored Pencils
Pencil Boxes
3-Ring Folders

Below is a list of teacher supplies for the BonDecroft Elementary School:
Copy Paper
Post-it Notes
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Hand Soap
Hand Sanitizer
Dry Erase Markers
Paper Clips
Scotch Tape
Adult Scissors
Hole Punch
Rubber Bands
18 Gallon Clear Bin with Top

All school/teacher supplies, including shoes, will need to be placed in our mission action area before July 24. Thank you for your generosity.