"Deeper" is a multifaceted, multigenerational Wednesday evening opportunity to grow in faith and fellowship.

5:00-5:45:  Family Fellowship Meal - Fellowship Hall
                   A tasty dinner for only $5.00. All are welcome. Please make your reservation by
                   calling the church office at 893.2514.

5:30-7:00:  Nursery - Room 106
                   Children ages birth - 2 years areinvited to come play.

5:30-7:00:  Children's Choirs (5:30-6:15)
                    3's-Pre-K - Room 105
                    K-1st - Room 204
                    2nd-5th - Room 200B

                    Children's Mission Activities (6:20-7:00)
                    3's-Pre-K - Room 103
                    K-1st - Room 203
                    2nd-5th Girls (GAs) - Room 201
                    2nd-5th Boys (RAs) - Room 202

5:45-7:00: Endeavor (Youth) - CrossMain
                  Dynamic Bible study and activities for middle and high schoolers.
                  CrossMain is located diagonally across East Main Street from our main building.

5:45-5:55:  Prayer Time - Fellowship Hall
                  A review of prayer concerns followed by a brief period of prayer.

6:00-6:55:  Studies for Adults - Multiple Opportunities to Suit Your Interest

 The next session of "Deeper" will take place October 21- November 18.
                                   Adult Bible Study - Fellowship Hall, led by Noel Schoonmaker
                                                Galatians 3 - This verse-by-verse study will carefully explain
                                                insights from the original Greek and will include discussions
                                                of key topics including the Holy Spirit, justification by faith,
                                                God's promise to Abraham, the purpose of the Law, and baptism.
                                   Fourth Quarter Decision - Room 211, led by Pam Pilote
                                                 Various topics will be discussed and will have handouts
                                                 including options regarding relocating or "aging in place."
                                                 We will have guest speakers who will discuss funeral planning,
                                                 cremation and durable powers of attorney and healthcare
                                                 proxies. Each session can be attended individually or all four.
                                                 (Note: this study is only 4 sessions beginning 10/28.) Speaker
                                                 for October 28: Debra King, LMSW, Elder Care Coordinator will
                                                 speak about "Advance Directives."
                                   "For the Love" by Jen Hatmaker - Room 210, led by Lara Cotey
                                                 A study of Jen Hatmaker's newest book. This study is for the
                                                 woman who feels like she must be better at everything.
                                   Coaching for Disciple Development - Room 107, led by Ircel Harrison
                                                 Participants will learn essential life coaching skills that empower
                                                 others to grow and live more effectively. Particularly helpful for
                                                 Bible study leaders, committee chairpersons, team leaders, and
                                                 study group facilitators.
                                   Ceramics - Arts and Crafts Room, led by Daune Jordan
                                                A chance to purchase and paint seasonal ceramic items.

7:30-until:   JCM (College-Age) - CrossMain
                                    A unique Bible study fellowship for college students and college-age
                                    individuals. CrossMain is located diagonally across East Main Street from
                                    our main building.