"Understanding the Bible" Sermon Series

“Understanding the Bible” Sermon Series: October 16-November 20

People often read the Bible and interpret different verses without an adequate understanding of how we got the Bible, what its purpose is, or how to interpret it properly.  This series seeks to equip Christians with a robust understanding of the Bible so that we can practice faithful and responsible biblical interpretation.  If you want to be a thoughtful, educated Christian who has a "big picture" grasp of the Bible’s history and purpose as well as the best theological and scholarly approaches to interpreting it, you will not want to miss this series.

Sermon 1

“Understanding the Bible: The Process of Canonization”

1 Peter 1:24-25


Sermon 2

“Understanding the Bible: Textual Criticism”

Mark 13:31


Sermon 3

“Understanding the Bible: The Authority and Purpose of Holy Scripture”

2 Timothy 3:16-17


Sermon 4

“Understanding the Bible: Jesus’ Principles of Biblical Interpretation”

Mt 22:29


Sermon 5

“Understanding the Bible: Four Modern Methods of Biblical Interpretation”

2 Timothy 2:15